So you've done your initial checks and have chosen to commission the services of a UK NQE trained, CAA approved and insured UAV/drone operator for your business needs.  Great, but how do you know they are the right operator for your specific business requirements and do you know if they can truly deliver a comprehensive aerial imaging service?

Like other continually emerging industries it has its challenges particularly for individual businesses when it comes to promoting to potential clients the benefits of using UAVs/drones for a wide spectrum of uses and applications that have commonly been undertaken by more traditional methods.  However, and what is maybe starting to emerge as a concerning trend, is feedback from potential future clients who are becoming reluctant to further commission a UAV/drone aerial imaging company's services having experienced a poor service in the past from other operators/companies who are lesser in capability, experience and understanding/knowledge.

One example that came to our recent attention at a CPD event for Chartered Building Surveyors was that another operator's client (the Building Surveyor) wanted nadir aerial imaging mapping of a large commercial area that contained several distribution centres for the purposes of the client's understanding of initial surface structural integrity assessments from imagery and their processed datasets through formal analysis.  Unfortunately the operator (and there are likely more conducting themselves in this manner) only provided the raw imagery as their "finished product" with no formal supportive reporting of the commission or providing any analytical consultation that could have provided their client with valuable and actionable information.

At ARC Aerial Imaging not only are we safe, legal, CAA compliant and insured for generic commercial UAV aerial imaging commissions, we also provide a FULL, specialist UAV aerial imaging and geospatial consulting service.  From the articulate planning and acquisition of baseline geotagged RGB aerial imagery, the creation of technical geospatial datasets with centimetre-level accuracies right through to delivering imagery and spatial analysis detailed in formal textual and illustrative reporting thus providing valuable, informative and actionable consultation to the client.