As a continually evolving company investing in additional technical imaging capabilities and knowledge, ARC Aerial Imaging recently attended the 'BASIS Agricultural Awareness Training for UAS Operators Course' at Harper Adams University to augment its drone aerial imaging outputs and consulting knowledge.

As a stand-alone course it serves as an introduction into the basic aspects of the agricultural sector and is designed for professional operators of UAVs/drones like ARC Aerial Imaging in providing them with a level of understanding and knowledge appropriate for their work within the agricultural supply chain and industry. Furthermore, it will also enable ARC Aerial Imaging to join and be a member of the 'BASIS Professional Register for UAS Operators for the Agricultural Industry'.

Agricultural drone use for high resolution data capture has increased markedly over recent years. Given the steady developments in drone, sensor, camera, data transmission, flight planning software and data processing technologies new agricultural applications for these versatile aircraft are progressively emerging. The growing importance of drones to farming is reflected in the development of a strong regulatory framework, a code of practice and a new BASIS registration scheme designed to safeguard their use in agriculture applications.

Our attendance on this course will not only give ARC Aerial Imaging a better understanding on how technical drone aerial imaging can be applied appropriately for agricultural use but it will improve our imaging data reporting methods and delivery of consulting which is based upon its Imagery and Spatial Analyst's two decades of experience and knowledge with various collected forms and processed outputs of aerial imaging data.