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General Information

ARC Aerial Imaging would prefer that you contact us initially by filling in the online form below.

We aim to reply to initial phone call enquiries as soon as possible (we may infact be out on other commissions) and we'll try to respond to emails within 24 hours.

ARC Aerial Imaging Limited
Tel: +44 (0)7917 678962
Twitter: @ARCaerialimages

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Pricing Information

In addition to ARC Aerial Imaging's professional approach and delivery of services, prices are reflective of platform type and appropriate sensors applied to deliver specific and unique forms of service.

ARC Aerial Imaging's services are 'all-inclusive' - platform, pilot/operator, stock, batteries, full insurance and on-site media downloads/storage if required immediately.  All inclusive pricing is based on actual time at location of task, irrespective of the number of individual platform flights are needed.


After a safe and successful collection, ARC Aerial Imaging can transfer on site any unedited HD/FHD/UHD aerial video rushes on DVD or on the client's provided memory card, USB pen drive or external hard drive.

Still, unedited/processed, low resolution and watermarked aerial images can also be stored onto the same media types and/or can be sent point-to-point via WeTransfer or uploaded into either a unique ARC Aerial Imaging's Dropbox weblink or into the client's (if available) Dropbox respository folder for broader dissemination, particular if acting on behalf of companies or agencies - whatever is suitable.