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How your UAV operating business will benefit by attending.

  • INCREASE YOUR COMMERCIAL VALUE by providing informed planning consultation to your clients on how best to collect optimal drone aerial imaging for their bespoke mapping and surveying projects;
  • REDUCE, EVEN ELIMINATE PROCESSING ERRORS with photogrammetry software in order to produce better geospatial products and measurable data for your client's end requirements with better collected aerial imaging;
  • STAY AHEAD OF YOUR BUSINESS COMPETITORS and retain your valuable clients by knowing how to accurately collect drone aerial imaging for their mapping and surveying needs all the time, every time!

If you have a small multi-rotor drone, are in current possession of a CAA 'Permission for Commercial Operations (PFCO)' and want to discover and learn a new drone imaging skill or to enhance your current commercial aerial services, we are delivering a 2-day drone/UAV business development workshop to help attendees accurately plan to acquire the best aerial imaging results possible with drones in order to produce and provide better imaging survey products for a variety of client end needs and uses.

Surveying, construction and agriculture are just a few industries that have begun to use drones as data-gathering tools to collect high resolution aerial imagery to provide mapping and modeling products.  These high quality products can be produced more quickly and at less costs than with traditional methods and the demand for professional drone mapping services is ever growing.

Delivered by an Aerial Imaging and Spatial Analyst who has 25 years of proven knowledge and experience, our 2-day 'Drone Mapping Workshops' are designed to teach attendees the principles and fundamentals of aerial imaging, the various imaging sensors and collection workflows in order to improve upon their spatial data acquisitions through various collection techniques for the onward creation of mapping and other technical geospatial products.

What this workshop will entail.

Day 2

  • Practical flying modules with multi-rotor drones fitted with RGB sensors for mapping a site based on attendee's planned for missions...
  • The verification and processing of collected aerial imaging, via a cloud-based or desktop drone imagery software, and compare the collected aerial imaging with that of planned for mapping mission outputs...
  • How to measure/record information from drone aerial imaging using known photogrammetry formulae and methodology...
  • The analytic and reporting tools available within a cloud-based processing application...
  • Continued workshop discussions/consolidation and onward guidance...

Day 1

  • Modules including the fundamentals and theory behind digital drone aerial imaging for mapping, surveying and photogrammetry uses...
  • How to manually plan to collect aerial imaging data whilst recognising drone platform, sensor, environmental and other pertinent planning factors...
  • Common drone mapping/surveying planning apps, the online/cloud-based and desktop software aerial imagery processing applications...
  • Drone mapping flight planning exercises based on a 'client's request for survey imagery' with the creation and storing of manually planned and autonomous drone mapping plans...

Where is this workshop held.

This workshop is held at a modern hotel and golf resort which is situated along a stunning stretch of the North Yorkshire coastline near to our North East of England (Cleveland/North Yorkshire) base.


We can also tailor this workshop to your individual business requirements and deliver this training at your suitable location so to minimise disruption and any additional costs to your large company.

What are the essential prerequisites before attending.

  • Attendees MUST already be a UK CAA-registered commercial drone operator and in current possession of a PFCO with appropriate insurance in place.
  • Attendees will need to be in possession of and are to bring their small multi-rotor drone with applicable RGB sensor(s) and lenses that they intend to use for the duration of the workshop*.

*This workshop will focus on the use of small DJI multi-rotor drones (a list of these are detailed in the booking form below) due to our familarity with them, their flexibility on use, software/app cross-compatibilities and the workshop duration constraints.

Our 2017 workshop dates.

(Information updated: 13 October 2017)

20th - 21st November 2017 - SPACES AVAILABLE
(booking and full payment to be received before 12th November to attend this workshop)

Our 2018 workshop dates.

22nd - 23rd February 2018 - SPACES AVAILABLE
(booking and full payment to be received before 15th February to attend this workshop)

22nd - 23rd March 2018 - SPACES AVAILABLE
(booking and full payment to be received before 15th March to attend this workshop)

26th - 27th April 2018 - SPACES AVAILABLE
(booking and full payment to be received before 19th April to attend this workshop)

24th - 25th May 2018 - SPACES AVAILABLE
(booking and full payment to be received before 17th May to attend this workshop)

21st - 22nd June 2018 - SPACES AVAILABLE
(booking and full payment to be received before 14th June to attend this workshop)

26th - 27th July 2018 - SPACES AVAILABLE
(booking and full payment to be received before 19th July to attend this workshop)

23rd - 24th August 2018 - SPACES AVAILABLE
(booking and full payment to be received before 16th August to attend this workshop)

20th - 21st September 2018 - SPACES AVAILABLE
(booking and full payment to be received before 13th September to attend this workshop)

25th - 26th October 2018 - SPACES AVAILABLE
(booking and full payment to be received before 18th October to attend this workshop)

22nd - 23rd November 2018 - SPACES AVAILABLE
(booking and full payment to be received before 15th November to attend this workshop)

Price to attend - only £595 per attendee*

The workshop is inclusive of the following:

  • A substantial amount of learning materials including presentation slides/aide memoir, drone mapping mission planning spreadsheets, guides, spatial calculators and more...
  • WiFi internet.
  • Refreshments.
  • A generous buffet-style lunch is provided for both days.

At this time we are limited to a maximum of 6 attendees per workshop at our training location.
* A discount of 15% is applicable to single bookings of 2 or more attendees.

Book your attendance here.

Please read our Terms and Conditions before booking.  Upon receipt of your booking, we will get back in touch to initially confirm your place.  If this is fully-booked due to earlier demand, we will contact you in order to confirm your attendance at the alternative date (if given).

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If using the DJI Inspire 1 or Inspire 2 Quadcopter, what imaging sensor will you be using?
If using the X5 or X5S sensor onboard the DJI Inspire 1 or Inspire 2 Quadcopter, what lens will be fitted?
If you've used a drone mapping app, which one are you more familar with? *
What mobile operating system does your tablet device operate on? *
To date, how much overall flight time/experience do you have with your drone? *
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Disclaimer - ARC Aerial Imaging is not a CAA-approved NQE-certified commercial RPAS training provider and this workshop is an introduction service by informing and educating the attendee the theory and practical aspects of aerial imaging mapping through the safe use of drones.

ARC Aerial Imaging will not accept any liability for any loss or damage to equipment or injury to any third parties during or after this workshop.