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Introduction to Drone Aerial Imaging for Mapping, Surveying and Photogrammetry Course

Introduction to Drone Aerial Imaging for Mapping, Surveying and Photogrammetry Course


Introduction to Drone Aerial Imaging for Mapping, Surveying and Photogrammetry Course

Introduction to Drone Aerial Imaging for Mapping, Surveying and Photogrammetry Course

Since April 2017, ARC Aerial Imaging has been delivering its highly-regarded and market-leading 'Introduction to Drone Aerial Imaging for Mapping, Surveying and Photogrammetry Course' on a regular and national basis.

It is the only one of its kind in terms of its training format and syllabus that's currently being delivered in the UK and which is instructed by an accredited Aerial Imaging and Spatial Analyst who has over 25 years of specialist knowledge and experience, this 2-day course covers the fundamentals and principles of aerial imaging to enhance commercial sUAS operators’ knowledge in mapping with drones by understanding how to accurately plan and collate this imaging form from various sUAS platforms and digital sensing in order to produce and present enhanced geospatial products with photogrammetry and GIS applications through classroom and practical-based learning.

This course will enable attendees to accurately plan and collate aerial imaging that can be confidently provided to their client’s projects. Course take-aways include drone mapping mission planners, gigabytes of archived (‘canned mission’) drone aerial imaging and other collateral training materials are provided as part of the course’s all-inclusive instructional fee.

This continuous professional and business development course is intended for qualified and experienced individual drone operators or drone-operating organisations who are commercially engaged in industries, for example, construction, precision agriculture, structural inspection, surveying, the emergency services and photogrammetry/GIS uses and are seeking to up-skill their current service capabilities or are requiring to train their in-house UAV operations staff in mapping and surveying with drones.

Where others are trying to follow its lead through online course means where the quality of learning can be compromised for convenience, face-to-face training has long been recognized as the best way to learn!

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Furthermore, save up to 66% in training costs (and more) by having this course instructed at your UAV-operating organisation's premises...

If your business or organisation is utilising drones in its operations and are seeking to continually develop its services, ARC Aerial Imaging can bring this course to your organisation's premises and for an all-inclusive instructional fee thus saving your organisation in time and additional expenditure for individual employee training, travel and other associated expenses - we can even bring along our own visual presentation equipment should your organisation not have this available.

If you think this training would be of benefit by having it being instructed at your organisation and to its in-house team of UAV operations staff, get in touch with us about pricing via our contact webpage.

What this 2 day course entails...

Day 1 (Classroom Tuition)

  • Types of Drones for Aerial Imaging Mapping and their Sensing Components;

  • Understanding the types of Aerial Imaging;

  • Understanding Aerial Imaging Instantaneous Field of View (IFoV), their Resolutions, interpretabilities and Ground Sample Distances (GSD);

  • How to calculate for Aerial Imaging IFoVs and GSDs;

  • What affects IFoVs and GSDs on Nadir Aerial Imagery and how we can improve them;

  • The "gist" of Photogrammetry;

  • Understanding Platform Positional and Imagery Accuracy, Precisions and their Errors;

  • The use and deployment of Ground Control Points;

  • Planning Considerations for various Mapping Imagery Acquisitions;

  • Typical Drone Flight Planning Workflows;

  • Understanding Drone System Limitations;

  • Recognising and Understanding the Operating Environment for Mapping;

  • Recommended Sensor Collection Settings for Mapping;

  • Nadir Drone Mapping Planning Considerations for Small and Large Environments;

  • Oblique Drone Mapping Planning for Structural Surveying, Inspection, Facade Mapping and 3D Modelling;

  • Common Autonomous Drone Mapping Planning Apps - their individual differences and uses.

Day 2 (Classroom and Outdoor Tuition)

  • Drone Mapping Planning and Practical Exercises;

  • Drone Aerial Imagery Collection Validation;

  • Common Aerial Imaging Collection Errors and how to Plan to Reduce/Eliminate them;

  • The creation of a basic and non-controlled Imagery Map;

  • Common Drone Aerial Imaging Processing Software;

  • Processing and Presenting Geospatial Information using Photogrammetry and GIS applications.

Real practical mapping training experience...

A key element of this course is the opportunity to undertake a series of practical mapping task(s) and which is based on a "client's RFI (Request For Imagery)".  Our experienced instructor will guide attendees through their individual mapping imaging exercises which are typically conducted in small groups, usually to a course maximum of 6.

Price to attend - only £495.

The course's fee is inclusive of the following:

  • A comprehensive Course Aide Memoir;

  • Various Drone Mapping Mission Planning Spreadsheets/Spatial Calculators;

  • Gigabytes of Archived ‘Canned Mission’ Drone Mapping Aerial Imagery;

  • Reference Guides;

  • Access to a ‘reachback’ post-course forum;

  • Refreshments;

  • Lunch is also provided for both days.

This is not a residential course and accommodation will need to be individually sought for by attendees.

Our North Yorkshire Training Venue
(Hunley Hotel and Golf Club, Ings Lane, Brotton, Saltburn-By-The-Sea)


Our 2020 North Yorkshire Course dates.

27th - 28th February 2020 - SPACES AVAILABLE
(book before 20th February 2020 to attend this course)

19th - 20th March 2020 - SPACES AVAILABLE
(book before 12th March 2020 to attend this course)

23rd - 24th April 2020 - SPACES AVAILABLE
(book before 16th April 2020 to attend this course)

21st - 22nd May 2020 - SPACES AVAILABLE
(book before 14th May 2020 to attend this course)

23rd - 24th July 2020 - SPACES AVAILABLE
(book before 16th July 2020 to attend this course)

27th - 28th August 2020 - SPACES AVAILABLE
(book before 20th August 2020 to attend this course)

24th - 25th September 2020 - SPACES AVAILABLE
(book before 17th September 2020 to attend this course)

22nd - 23rd October 2020 - SPACES AVAILABLE
(book before 15th October 2020 to attend this course)

26th - 27th November 2020 - SPACES AVAILABLE
(book before 19th November 2020 to attend this course)

Our 2019 North Yorkshire Course dates.

21st - 22nd November 2019 - COURSE FULLY BOOKED

Refresher Training - only £195.

In the years that ARC Aerial Imaging has been instructing this market-leading ‘Phase 2’ UAV training course it continually evolves; its content moves forward with new materials being added, current modules are enhanced and attendees are shown new and innovative ways on how to accurately plan and collate drone-acquired aerial imaging to produce and present their geospatial-related outputs in cost-effective ways and in professional looking contexts.

If you’re a past attendee (of 12 months or more) of our highly regarded ‘Introduction to Drone Aerial Imaging for Mapping, Surveying and Photogrammetry Course’, we are now providing it as a FULL 2 DAY REFRESHER COURSE to our alumni as part of their continuous professional and business development for an ALL-INCLUSIVE and LOW FEE of £245.

These refresher courses ONLY APPLIES to our NORTH YORKSHIRE training venue and it will be instructed on the same published North Yorkshire training dates above. Inclusive of this low attendance fee will be all revised course materials that are also listed above.

North Yorkshire Training Course Booking Form

Name *
What course would you like to attend? *
What 2020 course date would you like to attend?
If your selected 2020 course's date is fully booked, what alternative date would also be suitable?
What multi-rotor drone will you be using during this course? *
If using the DJI Inspire 1, Inspire 2 or Matrice Series drones, what imaging sensor (camera) will you be using?
If using the X5 or X5S sensor (camera) onboard the DJI Inspire 1, Inspire 2 or Matrice Series drones, what lens will be used?
Do you have any special dietary requirements? *

* Required field.

What are the essential prerequisites before attending...

  • Attendees MUST already be a UK CAA-registered commercial drone operator and in current possession of a valid PfCO*;

  • Have appropriate Public Liability insurance in place for their drone operations;

  • Attendees will need to be in possession of and are to bring their small multi-rotor drone with applicable sensor(s) and lenses that they intend to use for the practical element of the course and that are compatible with the use of autonomous mission planning software/mapping planning apps**.

* A valid PfCO and PL Insurance are required for the practical element of this workshop
however if prospective attendees who are not in possession of one can still book to attend but may not be permitted to operate their drones during the practical exercise module.

** This course mostly focuses on the use of DJI multi-rotor drones due to our familiarity with them, their flexibility and broad commercial use by other commercial operators and having software/app cross-compatibilities.  However, the fundamental and practical learning that can be drawn from this course can also be applied to those organisations who may be using other forms of multi-rotor drones and/or with fixed-wing platforms.

By booking on our course you have agreed to comply to our Course Terms and Conditions.

Upon receipt of your booking, we will get back in touch to initially acknowledge/confirm your place.  If your chosen course is fully-booked due to earlier demand, we will contact you confirming your attendance at the alternative date (if selected).

Operators are to adhere to their own drone safety operating procedures in accordance to their Operations Manual.

ARC Aerial Imaging will not accept any liability for any loss or damage to equipment or injury to any third parties during or after attending this course.

Or you can attend a course at our national training partners’ venues at…

Pro Drone Academy
(Ely, Cambridgeshire)

01353 771459


Course Dates in Ely for 2019

7th - 8th December 2019

Course Dates in Ely for 2020

8th - 9th February 2020

4th - 5th April 2020

6th - 7th June 2020

8th - 9th August 2020

3rd - 4th October 2020

5th - 6th December 2020

(Stirling, Scotland)

01786 476060


Course Dates in Stirling for 2020


To book on this course but at the above locations and dates,
please contact those training providers directly.

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Course Testimonials

Course Testimonials

Course Testimonials

A small selection of what our past attendees have said about our
'Introduction to Drone Aerial Imaging for Mapping, Surveying and Photogrammetry Course'...

Highly recommended...
— Dale, 'Rising View'
Great course...
— Tom, 'Auster Aviation'
Exceeded expectations...
— Stuart, 'Dart3D'
Highly recommended to anyone looking to expand their skill sets...
— Martyn, 'C S Aero Solutions'
Highly recommend this course...
— Graeme, 'Drone Photography Ltd'
I’ve never absorbed so much information...
— David, 'Horizon Imaging'
A fascinating course...
— Tom, 'Thomas Haywood Aerial Photography'
Filled in a good few gaps in my knowledge...
— Mark, 'Prop Spin'
One of the best prepared courses I have ever attended...

...we were delighted with the way the course was run...

...Andy is immensely experienced and taught us all a thing or two!
— Ian, 'Ely Aviation'
Highly recommend to anyone wanting to up their mapping game...
— Stuart, 'Red Wasp Aerial Works'
Thanks for a great course...
— Jon, '131 Images'
Andy really knows his stuff. To get a peek inside his head and benefit the knowledge he imparts is a privilege.

His aerial imaging knowledge is incredible. If you’re new to this, you’ll likely learn more than you expect...

It’s eye-opening education. Truly.
— Mark, 'Altitude Surveys Limited'
The course is fantastic, highly detailed and Andy clearly has a wealth of experience and knowledge that he is only too happy to share.

This is the place to start if you want to get into this field!
— Lee, 'Jet Sim School'
Great course, it’s filled a lot of the gaps and questions I had from self learning.
— Jason H, 'Drone-Works.UK'
Learnt so much...
— John, 'From The Air'
The content and delivery were second to none...
— Alex, 'Highline Vision'
Great course, such expert advice is unavailable via open source means...
— John, 'Theia Drone Services'
Very informative...
— Ron, 'Drone Reveal'
The information that the instructor imparts is excellent, best money I have spent on any course...
— Gary, 'G.I.P. Services'
The instructor’s breadth and knowledge of aerial imaging is superb and his experience is first rate, highly recommended...
— Robert, 'Geo Access'
I can definitely recommend it.
— Phil, 'Breeze Vista'
If you want to be the best in your field you need to learn from the best and these guys are definitely that
— Jason, 'Hawk-Eye Vision'
This is an excellent training course for anyone involved in the drone sector...

... Andy knows his stuff, is an enthusiastic presenter and delivers an excellent course.
— Jeremy, 'Everything is Somewhere'
I was blown away by the wealth of in depth knowledge provided by the course and to say that Andy is an expert on this subject would be an understatement.

If you are thinking about getting involved in drone mapping/surveying then in my opinion this course is a must.
— Tim, 'Granta Network Solutions'
Your course ticked all the boxes, thank you.
— Nigel, 'South West Leicestershire Drone Services Ltd'
Comprehensive insight into aerial photogrammetry and analysis by a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner.
— Adrian W, 'Drone Reconnaissance Services Limited'